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Our Mission
Here at Sweet Tooth, we take our passion for baked goods seriously. Our commitment to quality food manifests itself in superior customer satisfaction. Sweet Tooth aims to be a cornerstone in the community creating a neighborhood atmosphere where customers feel comfortable and become instant regulars.

Glenn Quirion The Baker (Owner)
Glenn Quirion

Raised in culinary surroundings by a family of small business owners, caterers and pastry chefs, Glenn Quirion began cake designing at the early age of 12. Since this adolescent baking beginning, Glenn has managed a family catering and gourmet European bakery, operated his own specialty cake and catering businesses in Maine and Colorado, and improved cake designers for a major bakery chain in the west. Glenn's passion for cooking, and interest in healthy alternative recipes for gourmet cuisine translates well into this foray of gourmet desserts and catering. Glenn previously worked for a performance travel company as a sales director; he also earned a masters degree in vocal performance from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

David Venter The Brand Marketer (Owner)
David Venter

Born to a family of independent advertisers, Boston Advertising, David Venter's innate talent for design was nurtured and encouraged early on. His formal liberal arts education in graphic design combined with his natural creative talents has aided him in his twelve–year career in graphic design and marketing. These skills, coupled combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, have led to various independent design inventions and small business ventures.

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